Jean-Luc PAUGET, Vice President POLYEXPERT Group, leader in the management and appraisal of accidents for insurance brokers and companies

When I took over the management of POLYEXPERT RHONE ALPES AUVERGNE in September 2008, Paul-André Faure was already a partner of our company. It is therefore quite natural that I continued this collaboration with Innoé and that I learned to know and appreciate Paul-André Faure. It is a real professional who does not hesitate to invest in order to better identify our needs and our expectations in terms of recruitment. As part of this collaboration, Paul-André Faure assisted me in the recruitment of our HR manager. He also participated in the recruitment of several experts by direct approach of engineers posted to the leaders
of the construction and industry sectors. These people correspond to the profiles that we have defined and flourish from day to day within our society. The growth of a service company such as us is essentially based on its people. The quality of recruitment is therefore paramount. Innoé has always met this challenge and it is with confidence that I will entrust our future recruitment.