Ethics charter

As recruitment and management consultants, we seek to match people and responsibilities and thereby endeavor to reconcile personal fulfillment and company performance.

  1. We comply with the demands of professional secrecy and do not use the information we receive for any purpose other than to fulfill our mission.
  2. We only work on the basis of a written proposal that describes in detail the content and conditions of our mission, which must be exclusive.
  3. We only accept assignments that we believe ourselves capable of fulfilling.
  4. We exercise our profession within the respect of the fundamental rights of the human being. In particular, we respect each individual’s private life. No discrimination is made on the basis of ethnic, social, trade union, sexual, political or religious choices.
  5. We inform our contacts, companies and candidates of the progression of our mission and endeavor to provide sincere information, to offer insight to deliberations and to encourage a free, responsible choice.
  6. We use proven methods that we master, adopting a continuous improvement approach in terms of the quality of techniques and the professional skills of our consultants and employees.
  7. We are not paid by any identified, potential candidates.
  8. We contribute to create a culture of sustainable management to all the internal stakeholders by integrating it into the methods for decision-making and the HR processes