Cartography of our quality processes



Our Performance and Quality Management System is based on the fundamental principles of the ISO 9001 standard :

  • A process-based approach, with corresponding indicators and dashboards
  • Customer-based service, especially with regard to quality control of assignments, and remaining constantly attentive to our clients through customer satisfaction surveys
  • Continuous improvement, based on constant monitoring of our services, smooth functioning of our processes, and immediate and effective implementation of corrective and preventive action

Our Performance and Quality Management System Manual defines the rules for the smooth functioning of our company in process descriptions:

  • Customer focus
  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Material Resource Management
  • Assessment and Selection Tools Management
  • Purchasing


  • Customer communication
  • Research
  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Non-compliance control
  • Information management
  • Satisfaction analysis
  • Product measurement and supervision
  • Process measurement and supervision
  • Improvement actions

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Customers are welcome to consult our Quality Manual in our offices.