Our team

Our team members share the same passion for our management consultancy business. Their main aim is to be of use to their clients and to respect all those with whom they come into contact :

  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Assignment assistants
  • Quality Managers
  • Administrative Managers

The efficiency of a project-based organization with all team members who are fully committed, salaried employees of Innoé.

For each recruitment assignment for which the Integral Direct Approach or the Composite Direct Approach is implemented, a project team will be formed. The project team comprises a Senior Consultant, a Researcher and an Assignment Assistant.

The operational team

1. Researcher

The researcher must identify, contact and select targeted professionals. He processes and stimulates information (databases, business sectors, company sourcing, information relays, etc.). He uses economic intelligence techniques as well as sound human know-how (experience of the training sector, careers, company culture, the psychological factors of motivation, etc.).

2. Consultant

The consultant is the project manager; he directs the entire recruitment consultancy project, manages the project team and is responsible for client relations. He writes the service specification. He conducts an in-depth interview with all applicants, assesses the suitability of their skills, writes a diagnosis of their success in the future working environment and assists their integration into the company. The consultant is an experienced professional, specialized in companies, careers and human behavior.

3. Assignment Assistant

The Assignment Assistant provides administrative, logistics and human support for fulfilling the assignment. This contribution is an essential element of the assignment organization process.